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 Connecting Venues, Artists, & Techs seamlessly to streamline the booking process!

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 Designed & Built for:

Stage in Lights

Venues & Talent Buyers

Setup and promote your stage(s) with a roster of your approved acts to book inside Bridge's custom calendar.  Browse public artist & A/V Tech profiles (or your private network) to see availability, send invites via text, and much more!


Performers & Artist Agents

Create, manage, & promote your Acts  to get more gigs! Request to perform at events hosted by Venues. Use the calendar to coordinate w/ members, see your schedule, & add blackout dates so all venues know your availability!

Sound Equipment

Audio & Video Technicians

     Promote yourself to pick up more gigs! Use the calendar to manage your schedule easily. See the contact info and audio input requirements of acts before you get to your show!

“Bridge is an extremely powerful time saving tool for any live music venue, booking agent, or recording studio."

'Ricky the Sound Guy', ATM Music Studio


Book and Manage events 


How does Bridge address your booking challenges?

Bridge will automate inviting artists, gain confirmation responses, communicate all event details with scoped visibilty to all parties working for the event, syncing to the google calendars of both the agent and the artist, and send confirmation reminders at specified intervals before their shows via SMS and in-app notifications.

Features that make your life easier


 In-App Calendar & Google Calendar Integration

All events that Venues book will be seen by the users In-app and can be Linked to your choice of Google Calendars.  Performers & Techs, easily see the same event details! (Pay only seen by corresponding parties)

In App Notification & SMS Alerts

Interactive notification system & SMS text messages allow for inviting, canceling, changes, and reminders! These can be responded to, keeping everyone up to date real-time on the status of the event!

Automated Invite System & Correspondence

Venues can easily see thier approved acts! Filter by act type, your ranking of those acts and their availblity.  Invite them in any order, over any period of time, or all on a moments notice! 

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