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Connecting Agents to their clients seamlessly to streamline the booking process!

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Booking Agents

Booking Agents - maintain Venues locations and their associated Stages to host and book events with other users in the app. 



Performers are users that can create Acts which other performers can join to be booked for events that booking agents host.

Sound Equipment

Audio Technicians

Audio Technician are users that can fulfill the audio requirements and needs of a event hosted by a booking agent.

“Bridge is an extremely powerful time saving tool for anyone booking a show."

Richard Armentrout, TN


Book and Manage events 


How does Bridge address your booking challenges?

Bridge will automate inviting artists, gain confirmation responses, communicate all event details with scoped visibilty to all parties working for the event, syncing to the google calendars of both the agent and the artist, and send confirmation reminders at specified intervals before their shows via SMS and in-app notifications.

Features that make your life easier


High Quality In-App Calendar & Google Calendar Integration

All of your events that you book  will be synchronized to the users In-app and Linked Google Calendars

In App Notification and SMS Alerts

In app and SMS notifications allow for inviting canceling to be responded to and keep users up to date on the status of the event and when things change.

Automated Invite System and Correspondence

Make your workload manageable by having your clients see their schedule all in the same place with automated notifications keeping everyone up to date with changes.

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