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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bridge Booking?
    Bridge is a revolutionary mobile app designed to streamline communications between performers and booking agents. It automates nearly all of the time-consuming aspects of booking shows, networking with venues and communicating relevant information with artists/performers and audio technicians.
  • Who is this app for?
    Bridge Booking is a app made for Booking Agents who need a service to manage their clients and venues, but also for freelancing performers and audio technicians to find work on publicly browsable events. Once Booked for the event, the payment for the booking will be done external to bridge and is between to the agent and associated booked user.
  • How much does Bridge Booking cost to use?
    Bridge App is free and downloadable for Android and IOS on Google Play and Apple Store. For performers and audio technicians, the app is free, however to enable the booking agent role you must subscribe with at our website!
  • Will I get paid through Bridge Booking?
    No. Payments for events are between the booking agent and the user. That is settled outside of the app but the app allows for specification of the payment amount before a booking is made.
  • Can the Bridge app link and update my Google Calendar?
    Yes! To link a google calendar with your bridge account follow the steps listed below! -Login into Bridge App. -Navigate to the settings tab to select your role and login to your google account that you want to sync the calendar of. -For the Next Step it will depend on your selected Role in the App. For Booking Agents, Navigate to Dashboard Tab ->Select Venue Dashboard --> Stage Dashboard -> Stage Settings -> select your calendar! For Performers, Navigate to Dashboard Tab ->Select Act Dashboard -> Act Settings -> select your calendar! For Audio Technicians, Navigate to Dashboard Tab -> Audio Tech Settings -> select your calendar! -Don't Forget to Save your settings once you select your calendar! *Note in order to sync a google calendar the google account used to sign in must also be a owner of the calendar they are trying to synchronize.
  • If I use a Promo Code in the app and subscribe on the website, will the stage reduce the price?
    Promo codes and the stage subscription work concurrently, meaning that if you applied a free trial promo for 1 stage for 30 days and then subscribe for 4 stages for 30 days then your account will have access to 5 different stages managed across venues for that time.
  • In the web app, new events are being created one hour off..
    Bridge app uses your device local time, time zone and day light savings settings to create an event that has a certain date. To ensure that there is no unexpected behavior, please check that your time zone is correctly set and that the adjust for daylight savings settings is enabled. If you are using windows, go to your "Date & Time" settings and make sure "Adjust for daylight saving time automatically" is enabled

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